Tuesday, July 17th Strasbourg France

Today’s lectures focused on Biblical Authority and Legal Apologetics! The quote of the day, ” Using the Bibliographic test, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are the top of the class compared to other religious writings for the number of manuscripts, and the short time period from the copy and the time written. 15,000+ Gospels with 140 years time span (plus the Church fathers verifying authorship) vs. 10 copies of Caesar’s Gallic Wars with 1,000 years time span.”
Craig Parton

One thought on “Tuesday, July 17th Strasbourg France

  1. We are enjoying your daily comments and photos. You sound so busy, hope you’re getting enough rest! Sean has delivered two very good sermons so far, you should be very pround of him as your influence has rubbed off on him. God bless you, Gene, we pray for you daily.
    Bob and Barb Finley

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