Thoughts from Jonathan Edwards

Characteristics of humility – paraphrased from Jonathan Edwards

 James 4:10  Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will exalt you.  (James 4:10 ESV)

1) Far more aware of your own faults than the faults of others.  

2)  Whenever you speak of faults, you do it in with grace and mercy.

3) Stick through with people who you have been critical of, and those who have criticized you.

4)  The Humble person holds convictions, but in minor issues understands mystery.  Is able to be flexible! 

5)  The humble person confronts necessarily with grace in hopes of restoration. 

6 – The humble person is so filled with gratitude recognizing that they don’t deserve anything, yet no self pity, and not complaining about life.

 How are you doing?

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