Christ Church Reflection ?’s for the Week – “Rejoicing in Christ” Philippians 4:2 – 9

In our time with the Lord Monday – Wednesday, ask the Lord to speak to you through his Word coming off of our Sunday gathering with the following questions from Philippians 4:2 – 9.

1.  Do you think Paul is being unrealistic to say “Rejoice (be glad)  in the Lord always” vs. 4?  Why or why not?

2.  When we find it hard to rejoice (or “be glad), what practical steps can we take to help us “rejoice always”.  

3.  Why will knowing that “the lord is near” vs. 5 help us to be gentle?

4.  What action should we take when we are anxious, and why?  Vss 6 – 7.

5.  What does it mean to pray “with thanksgiving” vs. 6?  What doe this help us to guard against?  


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